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    There is also an extra option, which consists of ' Super Smash Bros Ultimate ' and the Fighters Pass through the eShop for a price of 94.98 €. This payment method will have all the benefits of the Fighters Pass.


    Starting with the characters, we have to start talking about Joker , who at the time caused a real stir among the community because, literally, nobody expected the addition of this character in ' Super Smash Bros Ultimate ', thus breaking with all the schemes and predictions that were being launched around the 5 members of this Fighters Pass . That said, we must talk about Joker as a character in itself, which is incorporated as the main element of the collaboration with ' Persona 5 '.


    Regarding Joker, it is necessary to mention that this character will enter the battlefield with knives and pistols, being these two weapons which he will use to face the other fighters among other abilities. However, its unique feature is the bar above its name, which, once filled, will invoke Arsene, the spirit known as Persona, characteristic of Joker, which will enhance all its attacks while this ally is in the field. Also, it is worth mentioning that, as with characters such as Cloud, the Joker skins allow you to alter between two of your appearances seen in Person 5.


    Now, not only a character is nourished this first pack, since in addition to Joker we have a new scenario, which is none other than Mementos , this being able to be in the title with different variants depending on the music that is playing, the same way that also has several elements and characters from the background saga. Joker's mockery is with Morgana. Also, a new Smash Arcade route and a new Spirit Board will also be available in this pack along with the title music.

    Every time a player hears the word remastering, he starts shaking. - "Another remastering?", - "is completely unnecessary" -, - "another sacacuartos más" - or - "the gene of remastering" - are some of the phrases we hear the most when a company announces a relaunch. Despite the complaints, some more than understandable, the remasters are useful for many players can enjoy old games or could not appreciate at the time to have a different console. In this article, we review some of the best remasters that have come in the current generation of consoles.


    The relaunching of games seen in previous consoles has allowed players from the newer systems to enjoy experiences that, for one reason or another, have gone unnoticed. Throughout the eighth generation of consoles, we have witnessed the arrival of many remasters; some essential to revitalize licenses that have long been isolated, others not so much and that have been considered by the players as unnecessary, having many examples available to quote.


    While it is true that the catalog of a console must offer new things, also what is the remasters serve to plug some gaps, especially when we are in a period of scarcity of releases, and are quite necessary.


    A remastering should always be seen as a secondary, simple addition to the catalog of a console that serves only and exclusively for those players who could not play X game at the time can do so now. Of course, that does not prevent his fans from taking the title in question to be able to recall memories, especially if it has been many years since they played.